Friday, October 31, 2008

louise's dreams

so many dreams last night. aaahhh the beauty of snoozing...
right so....I dreamt that I was going to the doctor to get my leg checked to make sure it was safe to fly(I actually need to do this in real life) so I go there and there are about 10 recetionists and one of them says she will be my doctor, and it turns out it is Hilary Norris. We talk about Gathered in Confidence for a while and then she examines my leg. She then goes to get anoter doctor to look, and brings back Eryn Van Dijk. He started talking like he was a doctor and stuff and I got really annoyed because I knew he wasn't a doctor and didn't trust his medical advice, but I didn't say anything because I didn't want to hurt his feelings. So i went to get my perscription and I had to get 33panadol and 42 ibuprofen and an elastic stocking thing, and the receptionist told me it would cost 'somewhere over $30'. Eryn and Jen went into this place where all the pills were and started laughing at all the funny leg stockings and trying to decide which one I should where, which again annoyed me because i didn't want to look stupid.

there was another dream where I was at an audition and it had come to the end and the director was really shitty becuase her grandad had died that day. She went down the line saying everyones names and what part she thought they were auditioning for. When it came to me she didn't know my name so I said it and then there was this really long pause while I tried to remember what the part I wanted was. I was looking at myself from outside myself and the silence went on for uncomfortably too long. I looked like one of those shy kids that everone hates at auditions.

i'll leave it there....dreams are long to explain.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Some links

Here are some quick links to a number of different websites all addressing dreams.

Biological Theory of Dreams | pretty basic explanation of this theory.

Stephen LaBerge on Lucid Dreaming | looks quite in-depth and technical in places.

Dream Theory in Gestalt Therapy | an explanation of how dream analysis is used in Gestalt Therapy.

A Cognitive Theory of Dream Symbols | proposing an alternative to Frued's theory of dream symbolism.

Dream Moods | an all round dream site (interpretation, forums etc)

Wikipedia | wiki on dreams

Dream Central | information on dreams, dreaming and dream analysis.

Yup, so there's a starting point I suppose if anyone has any free time to read them, they're not going anywhere.


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