Monday, December 29, 2008

Mall Rape...

Just a quick one here (pun not intended), I was kidnapped and held hostage in a massive mall, it was night and there were about 6 others with me. They all got set free but I didn't because I was being a smart-arse, so the guy raped me, under a tent made out of a duvet.
I'm pretty sure this dream came from reading 'Dear Fatty', Dawn French's memoirs, which I finished yesterday, she got felt up in a mall by a 'security guard'.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Where Are My Dreams ?!!

I haven't had very many dreams to blog over the last couple of weeks, I think it may be to do with my change in sleeping pattern. I now have to get up at 5am most days for work, and most mornings I wake myself up a few minutes before my alarm. I don't know if this is related to my lack of dreaming memories or not.

I know that I do dream, but I constantly have that feeling that the things I have dreamed are just out of my memory and the more I try to remember, the more they escape.
I presume this could be a common feeling? And since it's the only material i've had in the last while, I thought it might be interesting to explore how we can recreate the feeling in our piece of knowing that there is a memory or an image just beyond what you can remember, and that helpless feeling of trying to chase it.

A couple of things I can remember though...
George's flatmate, who I know quite well kissed me on the forehead while I napped on a couch, and then I was walking through a shopping mall trying to get him and George's other flatmate some salmon to eat while they played ninetendo.

I told our Aussie flatmate Caroline to stop using our Christmas roast leftovers to make herself a sandwich because the meal had cost us so much. We were in the kitchen of our Australia flat.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Theatre Cafe

I dreamt that Garry and Tristram had a Theatre Cafe (like Theatre Restaurant but a Cafe). The entertainment was the waitresses. It was in the top of a tower in this old building up a spiral staircase and I stumbled upon it whilst looking for a 2nd hand clothing store. Garry and Tristram were setting up for that nights show. They tried to convince me to waitress that night for the show, and I agreed but then realised I had a prior commitment and pulled out. There were these two insanely tall Asian girls standing in the middle of the room, whom I noticed for the first time at this point. They were wearing those tiny tiny skirts that were so short their butts were hanging out and you could see all of their underwear. I also learnt at this point that these two girls were Garry and Tristram's girlfirends. (Sorry Alice!) Garry and Tris got really mad at me for pulling out of the show because it meant they had to let their girlfriends be in it instead, and apparently they were rubbish.


Monday, December 15, 2008

Our Show!

Last night i dreamt we were meeting up at a library to start working on our show, the library was very much like a primary school library with very low desks. All 5 of us were there, and our secretary who was taking the minutes and performing the tasks of scribe. \
After very little time I had to go outside for a second, where i was promptly roped in to helping my old dance teacher, Robyn Sinclair, set up the stage for the end of year concert that was to be that after noon.
After helping for about 2minutes I was standing out the front of the auditorium and a car stopped outside, the girl who was driving was a girl from my high school who has just become engaged and I was very intruiged about this so got n the car to chat. When I had finished challing i realised she had driven to the top of a hill that was all feilds of burnt grass. I got out of the car because she had to go home, yet I had no idea where I was. I went up the street a little and there were 2 houses, one was brand new and empty with hundreds of red 'for sale' signs all around it. Further up the street was the second house and it looked all decrepit and scary so i walked back down the hill to hitch back to our meeting.
On arriving back in Dunedin i noticed you were all handing out posters for our show, everyone was standing around Queens Gardens and handing out posters to moving vehicles. No one was taking them because they were driving. I walked further up the street and started handing them out to cars that had stopped at the lights. No one else saw any merit in this approach.
The posters: They were A4, and had pictures of cartoon babies on them, and were all printed in gold. However Luci was very disappointed because it was only glazed in gold apparently instead of being printed in real gold.
After a while we were done handing out posters and all went home.
When I got there I checked my emails and had one from our secretary, she had emailed the minutes to me and the copy of the first scene you guys had all drafted without me. I felt sad that I had missed it for such a stupid reason.

Friday, December 12, 2008


Last night i dreamt that i took methamphetamine except it was in tabs kind of like acid but the tabs were like the size of a stamp. I found them outside my house where i was living with my parents and i began munching them down in front of my mum and dad who knew what they were but for some reason they weren't reacting. I guess this made me think that it was ok to eat four or five in a row. It was only after i'd done this that i realised how momentously fucked up i would be so i started panicking and then the drugs kicked in and my whole world was on the brink of becoming completely twisted but then i woke myself up.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

in my dream last night i made friends with this boy. we both seemed to be about 13 or 14. he was a little odd, turns out he was from a highly religious family who were only in town for a wee while and were struggling to find the place they were meant to be staying at because they didn't like to use cellphones or the internet and didn't understand the technology at all. when the mum needed to use the phone, she called the operator to get connected, even though the number for the house was on a pamphlet in front of her.

I remember driving with them to get to the lodge they were staying at. I think I was acting as somewhat guide. not sure how I got in their mega van, was obvious they didn't like me much. driving along super fast (whenever i'm in a car, it's always someone else driving and they're always stupidly out of control - nothing different in this dream) and sometimes careening off the road, driving along in the ditch. everyone in the family seemed totally accustomed to this kind of driving. i was crapping my pants.

spent a good amount of time hanging out with the boy, felt like we were super close buddies, also felt like he didn't really get his family much.

had a confrontation with the kids of the family, i had to get a bag of stuff from their house they were staying at, and they had tipped it everywhere. i was picking it all up when they encircled me and told me to go away, to stop corrupting their brother. they were really menacing, i just wanted to get my stuff and get out. one of the girls kicked me hard in the back. i flipped out, grabbed her hair (also seems to be a theme in my dreams, is me retaliating to violence by hair pulling...) and then left.

wandered around in the dusk sobbing to myself and trying to find my friend to tell him to go home, and that i wouldn't be hanging out with him any more. finally found him, he could tell i was really upset but i wouldn't tell him why - just told him to call his family and go home. he seemed really sad, but did as i asked and left.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Two Dreams

First Dream: I was visiting one of my workmates from Union Grill, Garry was with me. They were playing this game where you had to get a Little Tykes toy (we have them at Chipmunks, they're made of really durable plastic and are cars, rocking horses etc) and jump into the ocean and wait for the tsunami and surf using your toy. It was weird and i was freaked yet strangely exhilarated. Second Dream: I don't remember anything except that i was getting $65,000 inheritance, don't know who from but i thought it was a huge amount of money and i was trying to decide who to split it with.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Billy Connoly and Aaron Hawkins

Louise and I were wandering around Melbourne and ended up in this square that 4 different theatres opened onto, and the stairs to Flinders Station also opened into this area. We were sitting on the stairs and Billy Connoly appeared on a stage and started doing a show. He had his long crazy hair but it was incredibly thin. After the show Louise went up to talk to him and he did a whole other show just for us and these two other girls.
After the 2nd show the girls invited us up to 'the power station', which was apparently the cool place to hang. We didn't understand why adn kept asking what we could do there, and after thinking for a long time the girl said we could have really long showers, as long as we wanted. We didn't go.
Next thing I know I was up at Radio1, however it was a house, but still Radio1, with Hope, who was doing a show and dedicating a song to everyone we know. During a long string of songs she took me into this other room to show me this new idea her and Aaron Hawkins had. They had a really noisey battery powered trainset and planned on making a whole new radio station that was just the noises of the trainset constantly on and occasional voiceovers of train related sayings. I was impressed (god knows why). The three of us continued to play with the trains for a long long time. Hope continued doing her show from this room with a portable microphone. She let me do a voice break and I was well chuffed. But she wouldn't let Aaron so he sulked.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Kitty: Monday 8th December.

Three dreams.

The night before last - having a dinner party at a pool. Restaurant/pool - you get theatre restaurants? Well this was a pool restaurant. Swimming in the pool. Getting changed in the toilets. Too wet. Too Chloriney. Supposed to be going out after. Red wine. Sam and Sarah getting changed two doors down, crammed into one cubicle. The others are empty.

The night before that - ski resort. Pods that you sit in and zoom up the mountain, stopping at various intervals. Parents, I think. Dark. Like that maths game with the snow wookie. There's danger. We're in a car and we drive it off the road and onto the train tracks running along a massively high cliff; because there is a ridge of varying steepness between the two thoroughfares we can't get the car back over. Bad bad bad. Find a spot- the car is no longer the issue, there is a big green tin money box instead. Place it carefully, it's heavy.
Switch to: a Bannockburnesque property, only much more expansive and rambling a la (a little) gone with the wind. Grand wild west villas and relationships of banal intrigue. Who was smiling at whom?

Two nights earlier - a party: I'm really quite rude to a couple of people. Two or maybe three. One of them is K's new squeeze. In reality I actually really like her. In dreamland I act like a twisted alpha-female ex-girlfriend. The next day we are in a boat in the sea. Think the David Attenborough deep waters: making of. Three of us. The other two are pissed - it was mutual friends who took the brunt of my party mood. The game is jump onto the back of the shark/whale that is coming nearer by the minute and ride it for a decent time- think minutes. I am freaked and still slightly grumpy. Two seconds after landing on the animal's back I am flung back onto the boat with quite a horrific crash. The others are inactive.


I dreamt this right before i woke up this morning. I was camping in the woods with Garry, Alan and some other people. I was sitting a little bit apart from everyone else and suddenly i became surrounded by wolves, one of them was growling at me becaue i was in their seat. They never attacked me but i think if i had kept dreaming they might have, fortunately my alarm went off so i was saved.


Had a dream the other night about finding a guy dead in a public toilet. I was hugely panicked and had my cell phone out trying to dial 111. It was really frustrating because i knew i was dialing the right number but random numbers kept coming up on the display and a voice was telling me i had dialed the wrong number. This went on for ages and ages and i was pretty much beside myself with frustration and completely freaking out. I don't really remember how the dream ended but i've noticed a lot of my dreams seem to have an element of frustration and of me trying to achieve something that is out of reach.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

babies and trains

I was having a baby, or two as it turned out. But I didn't have to give birth, I just had to pick them up from the train station. But me and george decided we didn't want the babies so we didn't pick the first one up. But when it was time to pick the second one up we felt so guilty for what we were doing and decided to get them both. But leaving a baby at the train station was a crime so we had to get them sneakily because otherwise the police would get us. The babies also had broken limbs because they were left for so long.

Once we had the babies, the police that were after us changed into some sort of chaos in the streets with riots and protests. I was in Alexandra at the restaurant I used to work at and my boss told me that the protests were aimed at him because he wouldn't leave his restaurant open all night.

And I had this next dream during my morning snooze....

I was walking down a platform at a train station, and it was out in the open. I then started to glide, like I was roller blading, but I didn't have roller blades on. I was a boy and I had those massive skate shoes on with baggy jeans and a hoodie. As I kept gliding, trains began to pass on the platform, and at some point the platform came to be underground, so it was much darker. Then ahead of me, the platform began to slope upwards and as it went up it got darker. I began to glide up towards the darkness but then I woke up.