Monday, December 29, 2008

Mall Rape...

Just a quick one here (pun not intended), I was kidnapped and held hostage in a massive mall, it was night and there were about 6 others with me. They all got set free but I didn't because I was being a smart-arse, so the guy raped me, under a tent made out of a duvet.
I'm pretty sure this dream came from reading 'Dear Fatty', Dawn French's memoirs, which I finished yesterday, she got felt up in a mall by a 'security guard'.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Where Are My Dreams ?!!

I haven't had very many dreams to blog over the last couple of weeks, I think it may be to do with my change in sleeping pattern. I now have to get up at 5am most days for work, and most mornings I wake myself up a few minutes before my alarm. I don't know if this is related to my lack of dreaming memories or not.

I know that I do dream, but I constantly have that feeling that the things I have dreamed are just out of my memory and the more I try to remember, the more they escape.
I presume this could be a common feeling? And since it's the only material i've had in the last while, I thought it might be interesting to explore how we can recreate the feeling in our piece of knowing that there is a memory or an image just beyond what you can remember, and that helpless feeling of trying to chase it.

A couple of things I can remember though...
George's flatmate, who I know quite well kissed me on the forehead while I napped on a couch, and then I was walking through a shopping mall trying to get him and George's other flatmate some salmon to eat while they played ninetendo.

I told our Aussie flatmate Caroline to stop using our Christmas roast leftovers to make herself a sandwich because the meal had cost us so much. We were in the kitchen of our Australia flat.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Theatre Cafe

I dreamt that Garry and Tristram had a Theatre Cafe (like Theatre Restaurant but a Cafe). The entertainment was the waitresses. It was in the top of a tower in this old building up a spiral staircase and I stumbled upon it whilst looking for a 2nd hand clothing store. Garry and Tristram were setting up for that nights show. They tried to convince me to waitress that night for the show, and I agreed but then realised I had a prior commitment and pulled out. There were these two insanely tall Asian girls standing in the middle of the room, whom I noticed for the first time at this point. They were wearing those tiny tiny skirts that were so short their butts were hanging out and you could see all of their underwear. I also learnt at this point that these two girls were Garry and Tristram's girlfirends. (Sorry Alice!) Garry and Tris got really mad at me for pulling out of the show because it meant they had to let their girlfriends be in it instead, and apparently they were rubbish.


Monday, December 15, 2008

Our Show!

Last night i dreamt we were meeting up at a library to start working on our show, the library was very much like a primary school library with very low desks. All 5 of us were there, and our secretary who was taking the minutes and performing the tasks of scribe. \
After very little time I had to go outside for a second, where i was promptly roped in to helping my old dance teacher, Robyn Sinclair, set up the stage for the end of year concert that was to be that after noon.
After helping for about 2minutes I was standing out the front of the auditorium and a car stopped outside, the girl who was driving was a girl from my high school who has just become engaged and I was very intruiged about this so got n the car to chat. When I had finished challing i realised she had driven to the top of a hill that was all feilds of burnt grass. I got out of the car because she had to go home, yet I had no idea where I was. I went up the street a little and there were 2 houses, one was brand new and empty with hundreds of red 'for sale' signs all around it. Further up the street was the second house and it looked all decrepit and scary so i walked back down the hill to hitch back to our meeting.
On arriving back in Dunedin i noticed you were all handing out posters for our show, everyone was standing around Queens Gardens and handing out posters to moving vehicles. No one was taking them because they were driving. I walked further up the street and started handing them out to cars that had stopped at the lights. No one else saw any merit in this approach.
The posters: They were A4, and had pictures of cartoon babies on them, and were all printed in gold. However Luci was very disappointed because it was only glazed in gold apparently instead of being printed in real gold.
After a while we were done handing out posters and all went home.
When I got there I checked my emails and had one from our secretary, she had emailed the minutes to me and the copy of the first scene you guys had all drafted without me. I felt sad that I had missed it for such a stupid reason.

Friday, December 12, 2008


Last night i dreamt that i took methamphetamine except it was in tabs kind of like acid but the tabs were like the size of a stamp. I found them outside my house where i was living with my parents and i began munching them down in front of my mum and dad who knew what they were but for some reason they weren't reacting. I guess this made me think that it was ok to eat four or five in a row. It was only after i'd done this that i realised how momentously fucked up i would be so i started panicking and then the drugs kicked in and my whole world was on the brink of becoming completely twisted but then i woke myself up.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

in my dream last night i made friends with this boy. we both seemed to be about 13 or 14. he was a little odd, turns out he was from a highly religious family who were only in town for a wee while and were struggling to find the place they were meant to be staying at because they didn't like to use cellphones or the internet and didn't understand the technology at all. when the mum needed to use the phone, she called the operator to get connected, even though the number for the house was on a pamphlet in front of her.

I remember driving with them to get to the lodge they were staying at. I think I was acting as somewhat guide. not sure how I got in their mega van, was obvious they didn't like me much. driving along super fast (whenever i'm in a car, it's always someone else driving and they're always stupidly out of control - nothing different in this dream) and sometimes careening off the road, driving along in the ditch. everyone in the family seemed totally accustomed to this kind of driving. i was crapping my pants.

spent a good amount of time hanging out with the boy, felt like we were super close buddies, also felt like he didn't really get his family much.

had a confrontation with the kids of the family, i had to get a bag of stuff from their house they were staying at, and they had tipped it everywhere. i was picking it all up when they encircled me and told me to go away, to stop corrupting their brother. they were really menacing, i just wanted to get my stuff and get out. one of the girls kicked me hard in the back. i flipped out, grabbed her hair (also seems to be a theme in my dreams, is me retaliating to violence by hair pulling...) and then left.

wandered around in the dusk sobbing to myself and trying to find my friend to tell him to go home, and that i wouldn't be hanging out with him any more. finally found him, he could tell i was really upset but i wouldn't tell him why - just told him to call his family and go home. he seemed really sad, but did as i asked and left.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Two Dreams

First Dream: I was visiting one of my workmates from Union Grill, Garry was with me. They were playing this game where you had to get a Little Tykes toy (we have them at Chipmunks, they're made of really durable plastic and are cars, rocking horses etc) and jump into the ocean and wait for the tsunami and surf using your toy. It was weird and i was freaked yet strangely exhilarated. Second Dream: I don't remember anything except that i was getting $65,000 inheritance, don't know who from but i thought it was a huge amount of money and i was trying to decide who to split it with.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Billy Connoly and Aaron Hawkins

Louise and I were wandering around Melbourne and ended up in this square that 4 different theatres opened onto, and the stairs to Flinders Station also opened into this area. We were sitting on the stairs and Billy Connoly appeared on a stage and started doing a show. He had his long crazy hair but it was incredibly thin. After the show Louise went up to talk to him and he did a whole other show just for us and these two other girls.
After the 2nd show the girls invited us up to 'the power station', which was apparently the cool place to hang. We didn't understand why adn kept asking what we could do there, and after thinking for a long time the girl said we could have really long showers, as long as we wanted. We didn't go.
Next thing I know I was up at Radio1, however it was a house, but still Radio1, with Hope, who was doing a show and dedicating a song to everyone we know. During a long string of songs she took me into this other room to show me this new idea her and Aaron Hawkins had. They had a really noisey battery powered trainset and planned on making a whole new radio station that was just the noises of the trainset constantly on and occasional voiceovers of train related sayings. I was impressed (god knows why). The three of us continued to play with the trains for a long long time. Hope continued doing her show from this room with a portable microphone. She let me do a voice break and I was well chuffed. But she wouldn't let Aaron so he sulked.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Kitty: Monday 8th December.

Three dreams.

The night before last - having a dinner party at a pool. Restaurant/pool - you get theatre restaurants? Well this was a pool restaurant. Swimming in the pool. Getting changed in the toilets. Too wet. Too Chloriney. Supposed to be going out after. Red wine. Sam and Sarah getting changed two doors down, crammed into one cubicle. The others are empty.

The night before that - ski resort. Pods that you sit in and zoom up the mountain, stopping at various intervals. Parents, I think. Dark. Like that maths game with the snow wookie. There's danger. We're in a car and we drive it off the road and onto the train tracks running along a massively high cliff; because there is a ridge of varying steepness between the two thoroughfares we can't get the car back over. Bad bad bad. Find a spot- the car is no longer the issue, there is a big green tin money box instead. Place it carefully, it's heavy.
Switch to: a Bannockburnesque property, only much more expansive and rambling a la (a little) gone with the wind. Grand wild west villas and relationships of banal intrigue. Who was smiling at whom?

Two nights earlier - a party: I'm really quite rude to a couple of people. Two or maybe three. One of them is K's new squeeze. In reality I actually really like her. In dreamland I act like a twisted alpha-female ex-girlfriend. The next day we are in a boat in the sea. Think the David Attenborough deep waters: making of. Three of us. The other two are pissed - it was mutual friends who took the brunt of my party mood. The game is jump onto the back of the shark/whale that is coming nearer by the minute and ride it for a decent time- think minutes. I am freaked and still slightly grumpy. Two seconds after landing on the animal's back I am flung back onto the boat with quite a horrific crash. The others are inactive.


I dreamt this right before i woke up this morning. I was camping in the woods with Garry, Alan and some other people. I was sitting a little bit apart from everyone else and suddenly i became surrounded by wolves, one of them was growling at me becaue i was in their seat. They never attacked me but i think if i had kept dreaming they might have, fortunately my alarm went off so i was saved.


Had a dream the other night about finding a guy dead in a public toilet. I was hugely panicked and had my cell phone out trying to dial 111. It was really frustrating because i knew i was dialing the right number but random numbers kept coming up on the display and a voice was telling me i had dialed the wrong number. This went on for ages and ages and i was pretty much beside myself with frustration and completely freaking out. I don't really remember how the dream ended but i've noticed a lot of my dreams seem to have an element of frustration and of me trying to achieve something that is out of reach.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

babies and trains

I was having a baby, or two as it turned out. But I didn't have to give birth, I just had to pick them up from the train station. But me and george decided we didn't want the babies so we didn't pick the first one up. But when it was time to pick the second one up we felt so guilty for what we were doing and decided to get them both. But leaving a baby at the train station was a crime so we had to get them sneakily because otherwise the police would get us. The babies also had broken limbs because they were left for so long.

Once we had the babies, the police that were after us changed into some sort of chaos in the streets with riots and protests. I was in Alexandra at the restaurant I used to work at and my boss told me that the protests were aimed at him because he wouldn't leave his restaurant open all night.

And I had this next dream during my morning snooze....

I was walking down a platform at a train station, and it was out in the open. I then started to glide, like I was roller blading, but I didn't have roller blades on. I was a boy and I had those massive skate shoes on with baggy jeans and a hoodie. As I kept gliding, trains began to pass on the platform, and at some point the platform came to be underground, so it was much darker. Then ahead of me, the platform began to slope upwards and as it went up it got darker. I began to glide up towards the darkness but then I woke up.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Observing Louise

Last night I was woken up by Louise saying "SSSSHHH play nicely", then she yapped a little.


I fell asleep before, it was about three in the afternoon and i had a headache so went to lie down. Our bedroom has a big skylight in it so on sunny days all the afternoon sun streams straight into our room. I dozed off and was having a weird, fragmented dream, these are some of the images i remember: two girls in ugly wedding dresses, blowing bubbles with a little boy who was taking photos of the bubbles on a camera phone, living in a flat that was getting demolished around me, Emma and Tristram appeared and Emma was angry at Garry because he said he wanted to make a bomb that you could put inside computers and when you emailed the person it blew up. I'm pretty sure the three of us were living together but i was always the only one at the flat and was lonely/wondering where everyone was. The end of he dream was weird, i was lying on a bed and the sun was so bright i couldn't open my eyes, i kept trying to wake up but couldn't. Finally i woke up for real and there was really bright sunshine shining right in my eyes.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Another Flash

Someone was showing me two leads (like dog leads), they were small and were for rabbits or guinea pigs, one pink, one blue. Then the pink one vanished. It was lost. We never found it.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Jen 26/11/08

Everybody had courgettes as heads, no faces. Louise and George I remember. There were others but I can't remember anything else.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

recurring teddy bears

On Saturday night I had a dream which reminded me of another dream which I hadn't blogged, and since they are very similar i'll blog them both now...

So about 2weeks ago I had a dream where my friend Renee gave me a kind of going away present. It was a suitcase with lots of things associated with travelling inside it. I remember towels, candy, books and things like that. I also found in there my childhood teddy bear called smoggy. I got it when I was about five but I lost it about two years ago. It was one of my only childhood things so i'm still very gutted that I lost it. So when it turned up in my dream I was so excited, I asked renee where she got it from and she told me she had stolen it from me but now she felt guilty so she was giving it back. I remember feeling so upset in the morning when I woke up and realised that I didn't have smoggy and it was only a dream.

So on Saturday night I had a similar dream. I found smoggy somewhere, the details are very fuzzy in my mind but he was above me within arms reach in a crate or a rubbish skip or something. I remember very clearly reaching out and getting him, and having the same feeling of happiness, but I was also aware of the possibility that this was a dream. So at this point, I turned to Jen (who is sleeping beside me at the moment while we share a room in Melbourne) and asked her to look at smoggy and confirm that I had finally found him, and that this was actually reality. When I was asking her this my surroundings were real, I was in my room and everything was as it would be if I was actually awake, the light was dim and Jen was in the right place. So after I had asked Jen to see smoggy, I curled up with him and went back to sleep, feeling very comforted. When I woke up I again felt annoyed and upset that I still hadn't found him, despite my attempts at proving it wasn't a dream.

It seems kind of silly for me to still be yearning for my lost teddy bear, but I presume it is because i'm a little out of my comfort zone at the moment and smoggy was always a comfort.

My autistic little brother

I had a dream a few nights ago where I got sucked into my little brothers body and everything looked really strange. There were like disembodied horses heads everywhere that had these big crazy grins on their faces, and swirls of colour that just went floating through the air. In any case, earlier in the dream, Zac (my little brother) had gone missing and we'd been running around searching for him. I was quite frantic at the idea of him being lost. We eventually found him in an empty pool that had been full of people a few minutes ago. We found out that people had been going missing, and that aliens (who looked like R2D2s but with big long arms with pincers on them, like the robot in lost in space) were responsible.

I didn't know if the aliens were eating people or just kidnapping them, but there was a really menacing feeling, and it was bout now that I got merged with my little brother. Aliens started attacking and I could see these shadows in the distance of the long pincer arms waving around, and of screams suddenly stopping. I ran.

Somehow I deduced that aliens wouldn't attack you if you were connected to nature somehow. I think that I reasoned that Zac was left alone because he'd stayed underwater in the pool when everyone else tried to get out and run. So I found a tree and climbed it, willing myself to be a part of the tree. Anthony arrived and drunkenly tried to climb the tree but he ended up just breaking it in half. Zac/Me was furious that he'd destroyed our hiding spot and tried to strangle him to get him to shut up (he kept burbling on about the aliens and trying to hide) using the branches but we couldn't because we're only 6 years old. He was lying on the ground gurgling when the aliens arrived, they went over to him and killed him. I was horrified despite trying to do the same a few minutes ago. They left me alone. This is because I was merged with Zac and they thought I was an alien too.

I ran back to the house looking for people but I couldn't find anyone. Kind of in shock, I went into the kitchen and found Boof standing there dripping wet. He'd been hiding in the shower and they hadn't found him, the same way they hadn't found Zac. I hugged him for a good five minutes, when I looked around again, there were more survivors who had all hidden in water (seems like that was the best plan).

This is when I woke up.

Jen 23 November

Everyone was wearing black, and I was in the front garden, of what to me was a big mansion with a tall iron fence (in hindsight it was more like a zoo enclosure because i never saw the mansion or house but in the dream its presence was unquestionable), there were a few other people around me but no one knew eachother.
Suddenly a stream of people (like a never ending funeral procession, also all wearing black) walk past the fence the line doesn't stop and everyone in it is very distressed and they are all moaning, the sound is horrible, and I know they are all moaning because I am not supposed to be there. I know I have to 'delete my information' so that i no longer exist and the moaning will stop.
As i realise this two bars pop up (like the ones on computers where you have to type in your username and password, one on top of the other). My information is in these bars and I have to delete it but no matter how many times i delete it it just reappears and the moaning is getting louder.
At this point George wakes me up because i am moaning. I have just been told i was very confused on being woken and kept apologizing and then started humming ('uuuummmmmmm') for a while. Then went back to sleep.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Swimming and Dinosaurs

I'm noticing lately that my dreams are becoming much more vivid and accessible, i wonder whether this is because we're deliberately trying to recall them or whether its just coincidence. What do you guys think? Anyway, here's last nights dream:

Started at the swimming pool, learning to play water polo, Garry was there and my friend Chloe. Garry kept laughing at me because i couldn't play water polo at all and i got really offended. Had that same frustrated feeling of not being able to achieve what i want. Got out of the pool, one of the other players had cut her hand so Garry taped it with Gaffer tape and i showed her how to rip the end off without using scissors. Me, Chloe and another girl of a different ethnicity (not sure which) were doing lengths and making small talk. There was a woman sitting on the side of the pool breast feeding her baby. Chloe was talking about how she'd just farted really loudly and also about how she was going to Queensland but didn't want to run into this guy she'd fallen pregnant to. I think she must have had an abortion though coz she wasn't pregnant now. Also there was a guy called Henry who comes into the grill everyday, he was at the pool taking photos of children but not in a sexual way, he was a professional photographer, he had a pink back pack.

The dream then switched to me running through the bush and across a stream which was full of small dinosaurs that were nipping at my heels while i ran. I remember going into my parents bedroom and it was ridiculously lavish and filled with antiques and ornaments and then i woke up.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Alice Potter

I had a really intense dream last night. I was a wizard, similar to Harry Potter but I was a girl and i'm pretty sure i was myself. I had a friend with me who kept changing from a girl to Garry at random points throughout the dream. I was definately the stronger of the two of us. We spent a lot of time looking for all our magical equipment at the start of the dream and we packed it into these tiny bags that could hold heaps of stuff. I remember having that feeling of frustration/anxiety because i knew we had something really important to do but we were wasting so much time. Finally we left our house and went onto the street where there was a market taking place. We had to be really careful that we weren't recognised and that nobody realised we were wizards. My two friends Hannah and Donna were at a stall selling Christmas ribbons in the shape of animals. I spoke to them but kept moving pretty quickly. It was at this point my friend (who at this point was a girl) stopped moving so i had to carry her. I thought that i was using my magic wand to hover her along but really i was just carrying her because i found out later that our wands weren't working. We got to a theatre where there were some kids rehearsing for a play. It was here that we found the device that was going to transport us to another world. We held onto it and it shrunk us really small and then we disappeared. We re-appeared in a neighbourhood somewhere outside a regular house. We walked up the drive and Tristram and Emma came running out of the house. Emma was holding a baby but i think it was her cousin or niece. I hugged them both and was quite overwhelmed because i hadn't seen them for ages. After this we started building two forts out the front of the house and by this point my parents were there as well as various other people. I woke up at this point and it wasn't until later that i recalled all the details of the dream and also the fact that i had dreamt a slight variation of this before but the dream went on for much longer.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Kitty: Friday 21st November.

A party. A 21st maybe? A swimming pool with brick terraces stepping up behind it, which I may have swum in, although the swimmer might have been someone else. Whoever, they were wearing clothes. But not a whole outfit - odd pieces, as in I/they have removed my/their top layers only to discard my/their t-shirt but put my/their sweater back on, and they’ve/I’ve got socks and shoes on, and masses of jewellery. Perhaps pants, but only with one leg on.

Relationships shifting and merging and suddenly Joey and I were dating. He and Mike wore matching yellow polo shirts and silly hats and leave to play golf in the middle of the night. Identities change: Ben is played by Hugh and he and Joe and I stand in a close group and the boys discuss our past and present affairs, I am profoundly embarrassed. Yes, it was a mutual break-up, I lie, we’re better as friends. Then I realise I am playing Ben’s part.

Masses of people, peppered around the house and surrounds. Time shifts from mid-afternoon to the depths of night to late evening and back again. There is a feeling of uncertainty and a lack of balance. There is disjointedness. But also anticipation: clearly this is a culmination of an ongoing crush on Joey for my dream self.

I find this odd, I haven’t seen or spoken to Joe for at least a month, I wonder how he filtered into my subconscious.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Kitty: Wednesday 19th November.

There were two people having a battle. Like Dragon Ball Z, and they were floating on the water - the sea I think, but originally it was the diving pool at Moana. The bad guy won and semi turned into a snake and a boat appeared, he was super stoked and cackly because we were in the middle of nowhere and he was going to get away. But then somebody else turned up and made a summoning action and suddenly there were these big chunky orange pieces of land in the near distance and he freaked out a bit.

There was other weird stuff. I think maybe somebody’s power was giving people gonorrhoea or some STD, by touching them. And as soon as you were infected you could infect someone else, like the game you play in Health at high school. And the symptom was this weird rash and some people would start puking this pitch black gluey ink liquid.

The atmosphere was pretty bizarre, but not really scary, I was just really sucked in to everything, watching mostly - I don’t remember often being that personally involved in what was going on. Even though I was friends with some of the people who were getting fucked up and thus I was emotionally involved in what was happening I was still a minor character. It was all a bit twisted. Comical without being funny. Does that make sense? It does to me.
Last night I dreamt that I was in Billy Eliot the stage show. But aswell as it being a show, it was also a class. I had missed the first class, so I didn't know as much as everyone else, but somehow I still got the lead role. So I get on the stage and everyone had a wee board made from wood or sandpaper to tap dance on, but since I was the lead role, mine was lifted up by chains like a swing, except I was standing on it, and I still had to tap dance. Since I was one class behind, I didn't know the measurements of the trapeze thing and stuff, it was a bit weird and scary.
After the performance/rehearsal, we went into a little room that may have been kind of like the bus that comes around with harold the giraffe in it. I remember the people there were the same people from my music paper, and the teacher may have been Lisa Warrington. There was some sort of debrief and then I went to get the book for the paper so I wasn't so behind, because once i knew the measurements I thought the trapeze flying tap dancing board wouldn't be so scary.
I got the book from a librarian who was very concerned about the state of my feet and kept trying to give me pills for it.

In another part of my dream, Jen and I had a weekend off or something so we casually decided to go for a trip around Europe. Then we decided that on the way there we would do a quick stopover at the gold coast or fiji or somewhere, so we went to buy dresses for the warmer climate. We went to amazon and got flowery short dresses, and it was my job to wash them. I went home and put on a load of dishes in the dishwasher, but forgot to put the dresses in there with them so I put the dresses in the freezer instead.

Although I remember heaps of details about these dreams, I still have a strange feeling that I have forgotten something, or that something in the dream meant a whole lot more to me that I'm giving it credit for.
Last night I had a very strange dream involving spaceships. Unfortunately, the only bit of it that stands out, that I can remember all the details of was this bit....

I was fighting the people on the spaceship, but there were no weapons and I was getting worried I'd be overpowered. One of the spaceship men grabbed a bag of peanuts and sniffed them up into his sinuses. He then proceeded to shoot them at me out of his nostrils at high speed. it hurt a bit and was also really gross. I decided to do the same thing, but I ended up with a nose full of peanuts and couldn't get them out. When I woke up, my nose was blocked (from mucus - ew) but for an instant I thought that it was full of peanuts.

Also, apparently last night I fell asleep while DJ was reading to me (he reads to me at night - currently we're chewing through a fantasy epic called "Magician" yussss) and I was making little snoring noises. He started to giggle and I woke up instantly and looked at him and he smiled and said "little snorey noises!" and I made a really sad cry-ey face, and hid my head under the blankets in a sulk. I don't remember doing this.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Dream Overload!

I dreamt all of these dreams in one night. It was really weird because i woke up in the morning and couldn't remember anything so i figured it must have been a dream free night. It wasn't until i was downstairs making breakfast that all of these really detailed dreams came rushing back to me. Here goes:

Dream 1:

I was at my house in Invercargill and I had this little bug crawling all over me who's name was Charlie (potentially a reference to Charlie Chipmunk whom i have to dress up as at work sometimes). Everyone kept complimenting me on what a cool pet i had but i really didn't like his creepy little bug legs crawling all over me, as soon as i thought this Charlie the bug turned into Charlie the bunny rabbit.

Dream 2:

My oldest friend Chloe and her family had moved to a farm. I went to visit and we went out to the farmyard and started using magnets to pick up sand and small rocks. (i'm pretty sure that's a reference to a jar of sand she used to have in her room that was black and potentially had traces of metal in it hence the magnets, you get it from a beach in Southland somewhere.)

Dream 3:

There was a big war going on between two rival gangs, i have no idea why. I was the leader of one gang but i was a boy. I kept getting shot at but i didn't die i kind of just deteriorated but i was still alive. Eventually i was just a skeleton running round. I ended the war by using a vine to swing across a river to a bbq area, i threw a whole lot of chicken breasts filled with fireworks onto the bbq and they exploded. Everyone gathered together and watched the fireworks and ate the chicken and the war was forgotten.

Dream 4:

I got stuck in a small town with my directing class. They all hated me because apparently i was being mean but i didn't think i was so i was being all self righteous and not caring. They caught a bus back home so i went into the local store to buy a new pair of socks, they had three pairs of merino socks on special for $16.00. I don't actually think i ended up buying any but i remember looking at them. I also missed the last bus out of town and that was when i woke up.

parties and monsters

Last night my dream came in weird parts that didn't fit together.
first i was at my friend jennifer's party, and somehow it had become an unofficially themed party, and the theme was fruit because aparently fruit was her favourite thing. Anyway, I didn't know how seriously she liked fruit so my present wasn't fruit related and her mum asked me all these questions about why it wasn't. I felt embarrassed.

The second part was me trying to get into my old house in Alexandra from the balcony. There was this spooky area with staircases and ladders. It was really small and hard to climb. There were heaps of spider webs and it was quite dark. Then these weird monster spider things were around. they had really long legs and bodies kind of like crabs. whenever their legs touched something they bounced away fast. It was really scary because once they started bouncing I had no idea where they had gone.

The last part was about Alice throwing a party for a young blonde boy. His favourite colour was pink so Alice was throwing a pink themed party. We all had to dress up pink and bring pink food. My mum made a pink pavlova decorated in strawberries and some pink marshmellow cake. I planned to wear pink high heels. This last section felt like it was being rushed, and that either Alice had just sprung the party on us or I had just remembered.


On my first night in Melbourne i dreamt i was watching a news programme but i didn't recognise anything or anyone on screen. Yet i expected to. There were children in maroon tassle-y jumpers and something to do with milk trucks. All i got.

Last night i dreamt Louise was wearing my maroon underwear, and i really wanted to wear them so got very angry at her. (I am now wearing my maroon underwear whilst typing this.)

Kitty: Tuesday 18th November. 7.30am

No dreams, but much waking. Every hour, almost on the hour. I blame it on the fact that I woke up around two with a desperate need for water that still persisted even after I had finished the large glass from the table beside my bed. The only other liquid was Matt and Grace’s discarded bottle of Coke, from which I ill-advisedly took two or three hearty gulps.

I am the girl that can’t drink tea after 4pm because it wacks up my sleeping patterns so much. It’s no wonder that my body spent the night constantly hitting its own snooze button.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Observations of Louise

Louise sleeps. I have been in very close proximity to a sleeping Louise lately and have observed four very interesting things, and with her permission i will tell you about them.

On the plane to Australia: Louise closed her eyes to fall asleep but within 10 seconds her whole body convulsed as she 'jumped' back to consciousness. I looked at her, she looked at me and said "I fell". She then went to sleep.
On the plane i also got to witness two consecutive instances of Louise experiencing sleep poralysis. It was very frightening as i new what was happening to her but could not fix it. Her eyes were open and she was looking at me and i knew she wanted me to help but i couldn't. I can't really explain what she looked like but she was kind of forced back into her seat. She snapped out of it and leaned forward only to be forced back again as she slipped into the poralysis straight away. It lasted longer this time but when she snapped out of it she was wide awake, unlike the first time.

Sleeping at Night: The other night i was woken by Louise have a verbal disagreement with someone/thing. She was sound asleep but was engaged a kind of argument. The strangest part was she wasn't speaking english words however she was speaking and grumbling with an angry expression on her face.
The following night (last night) well morning i guess, our alarm went off and i was all awake but Lou and George started snoozing. Within 10 minutes of the snoozing Louise started 'yapping'. It was like a high pitched barking noise and lasted a few seconds. I looked at her and she had a very pained expression on her face. When she stopped 'yapping' she smiled.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bike Riding

I've been having issues remembering my dreams which is really frustrating! I'm also getting annoyed that I can never seem to remember details, only vague things. Anyway I was riding a bicycle in this dream and even though i knew i could ride a bike i kept falling off everytime i tried to turn a corner. At first it was fine because i was just riding around a field but then i started to bike down Cumberland st and it got a bit more scary. That's about all i've got, hopefully i'm gonna get better at this!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

kittens on the porch

I had a dream the other night which was highly complex, and I can no longer string it together in my head - but here's the bit that stood out.

This must have been the night after it snowed.

In my dream, Kitty has come over to our house, and she is really tired. Dj's not at home, and so we get into bed and go to sleep. I wake up in the morning to find that it's really cold inside because the window's been left open. I go and look out the window and there are some tiny kittens huddled together on the porch beneath the window. I really want to pick them up and keep them warm, but I'm worried their parents won't take them back if I get my scent on them, so I leave them on the deck.

I wake up again, this time there are baby hedgehogs under the window along with the kittens who are still alive, but also still pathetically cute and helpless looking.

I wake up for a third time - this time when I look out the window, there are two small children asleep on our deck chairs who wake up when I open the window. They look scared and apprehensive and I ask them where they live. They tell me that they live upstairs. I feel very sad and tell them that next time they need a place to sleep, they can knock on the window, and they can sleep inside on our couches if they'd like. They nod, staring at me, and slink off into the snow.

Kitty: 8th - 10th November

Snippets from these nights' dreams:

Saturday 8th November.

Reality: I am staying at Grace's family house in Christchurch.
Dream: We are all gathered in the frontyard when it starts snowing, and the snowflakes look like luminescent paper cut-outs, the kind you learn to make in primary school. The form they take on the ground is sporadic but the landing is very precise: slapping down and sticking to the concrete almost as if one were watching footage of them being peeled off the ground but playing in reverse. I move through the flakes in a kind of shuffling dance, joined by one other miscellaneous person, a crowd looks on.

There is a large basin of plums on the kitchen bench, ready to be used for cooking. I plunge my hands into the fruit and squeeze and shmoosh until the bowl is filled with more juice than flesh and my hands are covered in crimson pulp.Cu
Cut to: peeling the entire sack of potatoes in an attempt to prove myself to be a good house-guest. Grace's mother enters; not entirely impressed.

Reality: The day of the election.
Dream: Walking down a large street, rather like Auckland's Queen street. "Look," I cry "there's a primary school where you can vote!" I am determined that the voting will be completed here. In actual fact it was a centre for science innovation...

Sunday 9th November.

We are shooting a commercial for student job search. Setting: underwater in a swimming pool. Of course it has to be done at night because the pool will be empty. During the day we go hydrosliding but the lifeguards get angry at us for sliding too close together and issue us with large chunks of polystyrene to attach to ourselves in order to slow us down. Sneakily some people only take very small pieces…
I arrive at the commercial shoot - instead of the pool they have transformed a basement carpark with tons of water and blue patterned vinyl on the walls.
There is a certain darkness and uncertainty to this night's dreams.

Monday 10th November.

There was a lot of death last night. Somebody killed in a car with strange implements - we watch from a rooftop. Later we are running from the scene of a different crime; the police catch up but we present a piece of scrawled on refill which proves us to be clinically insane and we get off with psychiatric counseling as our punishment.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

all about vomit

Jen made a comment about us vomitting one after the other the night before.
I didn't remember what she was talking about.
Then I spat out lots of food and it was a continuous flow, then I realised I was vomitting.
Jen laughed.
Then she vomitted.

Jen 6/11/08

I was at the shoe sale at Number One Shoe Warehouse and I thought the shoes were all set out like the new coffin display that they got in Six Feet Under (episode 2, season 2). (In reality they weren't but in the dream i believed they were.)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Monsters and a Circus

I had a weird dream the other night that was kind of similar to 28 days, have any of you seen that? Anyway everyone was turning into these awful, scary monsters and going round attacking everyone else and if you got bitten by one you became one of them. My job was to come up with a vaccine to make them go back to normal which i managed (can't remember how) and everything went back to normal. My dream world then morphed into Allen Hall during the dress rehearsal for a Lunchtime Theatre. The play was set in a circus and i had a really minor role but i was still freaking out because i didn't know what i was supposed to be doing. I remember seeing a full sized trapeze hanging from the ceiling and some weird old guy in a leotard swinging from it.

Jen raises a good point about the whole truthfulness thing. We can discuss it tomorrow because i think it's important that we have clear guidelines. But yea whatever you're comfortable with is a good way to go. Also some other things to consider...the use of people's names in our re-telling of dreams, appropriate or not? Also do we want to use this blog as a forum to analyze our own and each others dreams as well as just recording them down? See you guys tomorrow :)
I was going to a family thing of george's with a dinner or something and his mum told me that I had to dress up quite fancy and she picked out my overtones dress for me to wear. I felt really embarrassed because I didn't want to wear such a fancy dress to what I thought wouldn't be such a fancy event but christine(george's mum) wouldn't take no for an answer. To make matters worse, the dress had a big stain on it. I tried to get my mum to help me clean it but she was busy with other things and never got round to helping me. So I put a black singlet thing on the top (I looked like I was going to a formal in the 90s). At the dinner thing I was really overdressed and there was some sort of activity we had to do after aswell which included a big gym, running and singing and cars and kids, all of which I was not impressed with.

While I was busy with the reunion thing, I sent my flatmate who was Diane Pulham to do the flat shopping. There were lettuces on special for two for $5 and they were massive. We cut them up into pieces so Monique didn't eat them all in here salads and I got really excited about having lettuce to put in my sandwhich the next day. I was really disappointed when I woke up and realised there was no lettuce.

In a completely unrelated dream, just before I woke up, I remember an image of Sylvia looking like a gilmore girl and I thought to myself, that's convenient.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Olympic Nightmare

DJ and I have flown to Hong Kong for the Olympics and we've arrived and they're got the first heat, and it's a swimming heat and we're inside the airport hotel lobby but somehow it's also the swimming pool and DJ's gone out to look at the view. There are a mass of people pressed against the window looking at the view so he walks out into the middle of the pool along a divider, which is all very well and good, but there's a race about to start. So he comes back over and we start watching this race and as we're watching, one of the guys accidentally jumps in too early and it's a false start. It's really stinking hot inside, and so DJ jumps into the pool, I suppose because he thinks he's got time to jump in and get out in time before they restart.

I feel jealous that he's in the water, and reproachful because I know he shouldn't be doing it.

I'm also really worried about it because people are talking to one another like "what's he doing, why is he in the pool?!" and I'm feeling embarrassed.

DJ's taking ages and ages to get out of the pool, but no-one fishes him out, everyone just waits, more or less in silence, and I'm the only one urging him to get out of the pool. Finally he does, and we watch the race.

After the race, everyone starts to leave and in the crush of it, we get pushed over to the side and an official approaches us (who looks like Ed Woods (I think)) and says to DJ and me, "I want you out now" and I say "but we've just arrived from New Zealand and I don't know why he jumped in, but we're really sorry if it upset you" and he yells at me "I DON'T CARE! YOU CAN'T BEHAVE LIKE THAT AND EXPECT TO GET AWAY WITH IT" and I start sobbing and begging him to reconsider because otherwise we've come all this way for nothing.

DJ just stands off to the side watching me crying.


I was curious.... i know we want to keep this blogging of dreams as truthful as possible, yet i feel there are some parts of some dreams that aren't exactly 'share-able'... in these circumstances would we purposefully ommitt these from the blog, maybe making a personal note of them or would we just prefer to not blog the dream at all? Whole truth and nothing but the truth kinda stuff.... just thought we could make some kind of collaborative decision.

Dream 04/11/08 Jen

I was in a house, my house, but it wasn't actually my house ya know, with my flatmate Madeline and she was making Pizza. It was a fancy house and really light and sunny. Lou and I were hanging out in the corner of a room. Then George came around and went into a bedroom together. So... I went and called Georgia (who was going to flat with us the following year because she just got back from traveling through north and south america, except we hadn't kicked out Paul our other useless munter flatmate yet (this is true in real life too))to come around for Piza but she brought Kauia and Fordo and Ben Sargent too and i got very very angry about this because she didn't live there yet and i didn't wanna see them. Thus i retreated to my bedroom where i climbed into my bed and proceeded to sit cross-legged under my covers, after a while my sister Elizabeth showed up and got under the covers too and showed me some pictures of motorbikes.

Kitty: Tuesday 4th November.

I've been so exhausted there haven't been many sleep stories but I've just woken up so here's the last bit which I can remember.

There was a man, who might have been my grandfather, in a bath-tub, and I've gone to help him out and take him to his room (for dinner? for bed?) but he's crawled up in the foetal position and his head is under the water. 

There's a boy, who might be one of two people or he might be both, who comes into the bathroom after me and together we haul the streaming wet old man over the side of the tub and onto the bath mat. And the boy breathes into his mouth, and I pump on his chest.

The man shakes his head the tiniest fraction, and one eyeball flickers under its lid and there's part of me that jumps to attention. But it's in my head, in my mind's eye, because of all those movies with miracles that you watch in your lifetime, and the man who might have been my grandfather doesn't splutter out two lungs worth of water and gasp for a breath like a dying fish. Because the man is dying, has died, is dead - past tense, and there's no waiting film crew and there's nothing anyone can do.

And what I feel is not sadness as such, just exhaustion and a hollow, guilty feeling. I'm sitting, crumpled on the ground, with this man who might be my grandfather lying in front of me and this massive gulf stretching between myself and the boy kneeling on the other side of the body. We can't look at each other, we just stare into the middle-distance, my mind is grey.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Alice's Dreams:

Ok so i haven't been recording my dreams every morning but these are a couple that have stuck in my brain...

I was going to some sort of rich Hall of Residence with Jen and Louise but was completely distraught because I was never going to see Garry again. (the hall was cut off from the rest of the world which was kind of weird.) I got really really drunk to try and drown my sorrows but it didn't work. Dreams where I have no control or choices really freak me out and annoy me.

The other dream was really weird and involved under cover cops, Me and another person who I can't remember were running away from them and we jumped down a bank and rolled around and round in piles of leaves so that we were completely hidden. I remember the feeling of soaring through the air and then landing in the leaves, it was really realistic and quite intense.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

1&2&3 By Jen

Dream 1: I dreamt that i had a $5 note, normal New Zealand currency, except all the images on the note were a lot smaller than usual and so there was a lot of empty orange space around the images Note=normal size however. I was stoked to have $5.

Dream 2: I dreamt i had packed my suitcase for Australia but my suitcase was way bigger than everyone else's and i was embarrassed.

Dream 3: I was at work (PlaceMakers) and it was the same building as in real life except it was about 5 times bigger, but with all the same stuff in it. So there was a lot of empty space between the shelves and product displays. There were windows all along the front of the store, but i was working on the Trade Counter down the back. I had a severely injured wrist however, with bolts holding it together, and i had to keep tightening the bolts. I kept sneaking over to the spanner isle in the front right corner of the store to tighten them. There was a security camera looking down on me fron the corner however so i had to hide what i was doing. Right beside the spanners was a plate of lollycake on a stand, which i really wanted to eat but i refrained because of the camera. (To accompany this dream i have little pictures a drew down.)

Friday, October 31, 2008

louise's dreams

so many dreams last night. aaahhh the beauty of snoozing...
right so....I dreamt that I was going to the doctor to get my leg checked to make sure it was safe to fly(I actually need to do this in real life) so I go there and there are about 10 recetionists and one of them says she will be my doctor, and it turns out it is Hilary Norris. We talk about Gathered in Confidence for a while and then she examines my leg. She then goes to get anoter doctor to look, and brings back Eryn Van Dijk. He started talking like he was a doctor and stuff and I got really annoyed because I knew he wasn't a doctor and didn't trust his medical advice, but I didn't say anything because I didn't want to hurt his feelings. So i went to get my perscription and I had to get 33panadol and 42 ibuprofen and an elastic stocking thing, and the receptionist told me it would cost 'somewhere over $30'. Eryn and Jen went into this place where all the pills were and started laughing at all the funny leg stockings and trying to decide which one I should where, which again annoyed me because i didn't want to look stupid.

there was another dream where I was at an audition and it had come to the end and the director was really shitty becuase her grandad had died that day. She went down the line saying everyones names and what part she thought they were auditioning for. When it came to me she didn't know my name so I said it and then there was this really long pause while I tried to remember what the part I wanted was. I was looking at myself from outside myself and the silence went on for uncomfortably too long. I looked like one of those shy kids that everone hates at auditions.

i'll leave it there....dreams are long to explain.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Some links

Here are some quick links to a number of different websites all addressing dreams.

Biological Theory of Dreams | pretty basic explanation of this theory.

Stephen LaBerge on Lucid Dreaming | looks quite in-depth and technical in places.

Dream Theory in Gestalt Therapy | an explanation of how dream analysis is used in Gestalt Therapy.

A Cognitive Theory of Dream Symbols | proposing an alternative to Frued's theory of dream symbolism.

Dream Moods | an all round dream site (interpretation, forums etc)

Wikipedia | wiki on dreams

Dream Central | information on dreams, dreaming and dream analysis.

Yup, so there's a starting point I suppose if anyone has any free time to read them, they're not going anywhere.


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