Monday, March 2, 2009

24th Feb: Kitty.

Radio One office: a grey cat dragging its right rear leg as it crosses the floor. Mitch explains that it’s because it used to be super fat and when it lost weight its bodily mechanics couldn’t keep up and parts of its body had to shut down. The cat also has a bizarre expression plastered on its face the whole time, a la “I’m a caaaaat, HUNGH”. Someone takes a photo of Mitch in mid-speech and by coincidence his expression is almost identical to that of the cat, when he sees the photo he finds it hysterical and laughs uncontrollably for a lengthy time. Hope says: “that’s fucking radical!”

I am ripping cabbage (or silverbeet) and placing it in big stacks which I wash, fairly precariously, under a too pressurized tap.

Luci and Yeshe hanging over a balcony railing. In Paris?

In the willowbank dairy all sitting on the floor. Old style slushy machine captures my attention.

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Sam said...

Once I stood on that balcony, took off my shirt, and slowly swung it over my head, refusing to change facial expression when passers-by tried to make eye contact. It was a good day.