Saturday, February 21, 2009

Dream Snippets

Dream snippets:

I was applying for something and the application process had three components, two of which escape me, but the third was drawing a three legged kitten. Mine was grey. I spent so long on this that I ran out of time to complete the other two sections and had a minor freak-out.

We were all piled into a big red van. Well, into it, on top of it, hanging out the windows etc. I was perched on the front right of the bonnet and we were heading for some kind of sixties music festival: driving down a road lined with beautiful hippy kids all lolling around while they waited to go in. There was a fair bit of careering round corners and near misses. Basically this is all very camp a low hum-esque - all the van's occupants were friends who had been there and the overloaded vehicle is clearly a reference to the terrifying golf buggy ride that I took late on the last night. In dreamland, though, I wasn't scared just practical about the fact that if we went much further to the right I was going to end up shmooshed against the side of a steep grassy bank.

Early Saturday morning after waking up and falling back asleep: My dream started off as a replica of the events that had occurred before I fell asleep - getting into bed with all my clothes on, talking to April and Simon who came in to visit me, and telling Dom not to turn the light off because I'd never be able to get up and go back to my own house, then falling asleep as soon as he switched it off anyway. A rapid acceleration of time and I'm waking up and realising that I'm still wearing my boots (which I also did in real life). Then it splits: where in reality I took my boots off and went back to sleep (and this dream began) in dreamland I get up and proceed with activities which, infuriatingly, I can't remember.

Last night: we were supposed to be having a party on a boat but when we got there it was just a wooden frame that looked neither boatlike nor waterproof. In fact, excessively UN-waterproof as it was simply a few planks attached at cross angles rising from the water. I was a little miffed, but the water was warmish so things just mosied on. Ended up in a dinghy and Dan Nagels pashed Brigit who was wearing a big black bow in her hair.

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